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Nightclub LED design

Pixel/video mapping

Video mapping or pixel mapping is a special service used for LED displays, especially irregular shape led display.

Different pixel pitch led displays and structures can be used together to form a whole image or video.

All the led displays at one site can be controlled by one platform, it is very flexible to control the displays.

Especially on stage or in the nightclub, there may be many led displays with different structure and pixel pitch, how to connect them all together to show a whole effect is a big headache. Video/pixel mapping can solve this problem.

The working method is to first figure out the layout of the displays at one place, and then calculate all the pixel Qantity on each display, it is just like mapping the layout and pixel of the led displays. that is why it is called pixel mapping.

and then prepare all the video and image elements and fit them into the layout and the pixel Qty of the led display.

To do this, there is special software and hardware, if you want to learn more about this, pls feel free to contact us.

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