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Flexible LED display

visualpower P6/P10 totally flexible led module

This is a totally flexible led module dispay design by visualpower.

Totally flexible means it can bend, twist and make any shape you want. no matter it is a column shape, DNA shape, or wave shape. any shape you can imagine, it can make it.

This makes stage design and club design much more flexible, people do not need to stick to the traditional square and rigid moule and heavy cabinet. all you need to do is to make a steel shape and stick the flexible modules to it, and it can be that shape. the module has magnetic bolts behind, it can stick to any steel or iron surface.

and also, there are screw holes behind, you can simply use a M3 screw to fix the module to any surface, such as wooden plates, plastic extrusions and so on, which can be used for exhibition booth, bar decoration and so on.

whether you want to make a flexible ticker sign or a large special shape video led wall, it can meet almost all your requirements.

Here are some project cases made by such flexible led module

Flexible LED display module parameter
No. Item Type Type
1 Pixel 1R1PG1PB 1R1PG1PB
2 Pixel Encapsulation SMD 3528 SMD 3528
LED Cabinet Parameter
1 Pixel pitch 6.66mm 10mm
2 Scanning 1/12 1/8
3 Driving IC MBI 5024 MBI 5024
4 Module resolution 48×24 32×16
5 Module pixel 1152 512
6 Module Size 320×160mm 320×160mm
7 Cabinet size 640×640×80mm or custom size 640×640×80mm or custom size
8 Cabinet resolution 96×96                                     64×64                                    
9 Pixel density 22500/m2 10000/m2
10 Cabinet  material Iron Iron
11 Brightness 1100~1300cd/ 850~1000cd/
12 Viewing Angle (H)140°(V)140° (H)140°(V)140°
13 Viewing distance 6M 10M
14 Gray Scale 16bit 16bit
15 Display Color 281 Trillion 281 Trillion
16 Refresh Frequency 1920Hz 1920Hz
17 Frame Frequency 60fps 60fps
18 Input voltage AC220V/50Hz or AC110V/60Hz AC220V/50Hz or AC110V/60Hz
19 Power ConsumptionMax/Ave 420/168 W/ 280/100 W/
20 Weight 35 kg/ 45 kg/
21 MTBF >10,000 H >10,000 H
22 Life Span ≥100,000 H ≥100,000 H
23 IP (Front/Rear) IP43 IP43
24 Operating Temperature 20℃~60 20℃~60
25 Operating Humidity 10%90% 10%90%
26 Control system General system General system
27 Signal Input HDMI,VGA,RF, S-video…… HDMI,VGA,RF, S-video……
  Remarks: the specs may change due to our design, we may not update the specs in time. 

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