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Industrial news
LED display price secret

With the developing of led display industry, the price is always changing, and many clients are confused why the price of led displays changing so fast.

Despite of the exchange rate matter and led chip and lamp cost dropping, there are also some other factors that affect the led display price.

As we all know the led displays are commonly composed of LED lamp, PCB, cabinet and control system.

First we start with LED chip and lamp, In old times, there are few companies doing the led chip and encapsulation, the most famous ones are Nichia, Cree, Osram which are from the main developed countries and proved to be high quality.

and then it is the Taiwan brands such as Epistar, everlight and so on which produce the LED chip but encapsulate the lamp in mainland china, even Cree also has encapsulation factory in Huizhou City now.

So For most common level led displays, the LED lamp are mainly encapsulated in Mainland China. Famous brands like Nationstar, LEDman, Sanan, Silan, Opto, amplight ..etc.

So now LED display factories have more and more options to choose the lamp, and with the encapsulation factories growing, The led lamp cost is also dropping.

and in the whole led display, LED lamp cost takes over 50%.

Then it comes to the driver IC, In old times, people mainly use Macroblock, TI(texas instrument) and sumsung driver IC.

But now there are more and more China brands driver IC used in the LED displays, and the price is cheaper.

Among the driver ICs, the main difference lies in the stability and functions. For instance, some driver IC can do single led lamp monitoring, with certain control system, it can realize the function of remote monitoring of the led display to single led lamp level. and some driver ICs are energy saving type, its output voltage can realize 4.2V DC, common led displays are 5V DC, this can ensure the same brightness but save much power each year.

So when we buy a led display, we need to check the driver IC brands used.

The Other thing is the PCB, in order to save cost, some companies use thinner PCB, or fewer layer PCB, or the copper thickness is not enough. In a short time, say one year around, the client will not find big problem about the display, it can be lighted up and work fine for a while. But after long time, you may find some false soldering, corrosion of the PCB and sometimes even hard to repair.

But many clients in the first impression think it is a good display, but after one year around, they will find the problem.

The last thing is the cabinet, different cabinet designs cost is different。 In China, many guys use cabinets without backdoor and fans, it is because Chinese customers mainly do the led displays with decoration finishing, and add the AC.

but in many foreign countries, people just use water-proof cabient with backdoor and fans and without finishing decoration.

All these factors will affect the price of a led display, so when you buy a led display, must check these factors.

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